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Nice to meet you !

Let me introduce Nia Levert to you, she's quite the mix. She grew up in Southern California, moved to her father's home town in Quebec, Canada for over a decade. Then relocated to North Carolina where she is currently raising her four beautiful children. From her love of old cars and with a lot of help of some highly skilled friends and family, she created 

Vintage Follies  ! 

LLOYD              1970 VW PHOTO BOOTH BUS

We found our Volkswagen Bus in Garner NC, 

and like all VW busses he had a soul !

After many hours of love and hard work Lloyd emerged. With a super fast 

1600 cc air-cooled engine and 47 horse-power, this bus is a bomb....not ! 

Lloyd has taught us to take life easy and enjoy the ride ! 

Lloyd has had quite the life ! He went through several different stages in his life, which has been mostly spent  in North Carolina. He's been blue, red, another blue and even Scooby Doo colors to come back to his gorgeous original VW color of Neptune Blue and Lotus White. Now Lloyd is fresh again and brings with him some extremely positive vibes and good times!

Leona        1955 International Harvester Metro Van

Leona has come a long way. She has been a native of North Carolina for more than half her life, which is pretty long. She started her career helping the Civil Corps of Engineers, then moved on to the Greensboro school system where she was surely much appreciated for her ample storage. After much love, Leona is now sharing her space with special people who appreciate her vintage beauty and grace. She is a show stopper !